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Do you want to register your trademark and are you looking for a reliable party in the EU that can manage your trademarks?

In five steps
your own trademark

By applying for a trademark at the trademark authorities, you have legal protection for your name after successful registration. How that works is explained in the next 5 steps.

  • Start Trademark search

    Prior to claiming a name, it must first be researched whether the name is eligible for protection at all. Is it possible under the applicable law and are there not already others with older rights? We will research this first.

  • Who will be the owner of the trademark?

    The owner of the trademark must always be correct and up-to-date and choices can also be made in this regard. We help you with these decision: who will become the owner of the trademark.

  • Legal description of the products / services

    An application must always be made with a description of what is being done under the name concerned. This description must meet requirements and be drawn up in accordance with international conventions.

  • Start application procedure

    If the above is complete, the actual application is reported to the trademark authority according to a fixed routine. The "workflow" is carefully monitored with the help of the Meiermarken software. If necessary, proactive action is taken.

  • Keep an eye on name

    After the registration has been completed successfully, the trademark owner has the option to have the trademark monitored. Every working day we keep an eye on new trademark filings that could be a potential problem. If necessary, action can be taken.

Some our clients.

Every year we help existing and new, large and smaller, national and international growing companies to register and protect their identity.

Mr. Aert van der Goes (R)

Managing director Blackbear Goaly Armor

Our company is strong as a bear! It goes without saying that we also wanted to protect the our name. And this has proven to be useful several times!


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