Trademark search

If you use or file an identical or similar name for identical or similar goods and services as an already registered trademark, one can infringe the rights of the older registered trademark. You really try to avoid this because such conflict could potentially involves costs, time and legal procedures!

Preliminary search

During our preliminary search, we look at previously filed for and registered trademarks that could involve a possible conflict. A free search looks for identical names and very similar brands. In general, this already gives a good impression of the situation.

Optionally, it is possible to opt for an extensive screening. Such a search takes about 3 days to a week and involves an additional investment (starting from € 250, depending on the region in which to search and the number of products and / or services).

Better be sure

Our trademark search and advice is highly recommended before submitting and applying for registration of your trademark in the Benelux, Germany or in the European Union. First of all, your name must comply with the applicable trademark laws. We will check this for free.

Disclaimer: despite the fact that our search is carried out carefully, it remains to a large extent human work. We are, among other things but not exclusively, depending on the data we receive and the information from the trademark owner, as well as whether or not updates have been carried out in the trademark registers at that time and the interpretation of results. The final filing always takes place under the ultimate responsibility of the trademark owner.

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