Design protection

Design law protects the appearance of a product.
A product is considered: "... any object manufactured in an industrial or handicraft manner ...".

How to protect your design

Your design should be a clearly individual design and unique in character. The term of protection of the design right is five years from the date of filing. Subsequently, the registration can be renewed four times for a period of five years. It is important to protect a design within one year.

Our Trademark and Design attorneys take the following steps to protect a design:

  1.  Assess the model
  2.  Preparing the application
  3.  Advice on owner of the design right
  4.  Making the official description
  5.  Submitting the application
  6.  Payment of the taxes
  7.  Respond to responses from the Trademark and Design Authority regarding the filing
  8.  Go through the registration procedure
  9.  Registration certificate
  10.  Administrator of the design registration file for 5 years
  11.  Renewal Reporting Service: after 4.5 years we will contact you whether or not your design rights needs to be extended for another period of 5 years 

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