Because in principle, any trademark (as long as the trademark applies within the law) can be registered, we advise you to use our "Trademark Monitoring". A trademark owner has to take care of the continued protection of his trademark himself.

Trademark watching

Only with Trademark Watching will you find out whether others are going to register a (similar) trademark similar to yours, and then you can respond immediately. The sooner you respond, the greater the chance of success. Trademarks that have already finilize registration and are being used, are generally more difficult to challenge: they have already been used and their owners will therefore defend themselves with verve.

Every workingday we check whether (similar) identical brands, possibly even for (similar) similar activities, are registered by third parties. If there are conflicting trademarks, they will first be extensively assessed. And if, after assessment, the relevant mark actually poses a potential risk, we will contact you with advice about the steps to be taken. Only the trademark applications that are actually relevant are therefore reported. The monitoring has a minimum term of one year and can be canceled at any time up to one month before the renewal date.

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We monitor your valuable name!